Eucalyptus Logs

The eucalyptus we sell is comprised of two species. Red eucalyptus is a deep red in color. Often the wood is figured. Several figure types occur the most common is a bees wing figure but curly grain and burl is also seen. Pink eucalyptus is a beautiful pink color almost indistinguishable from the very prized and very expensive pink ivory. The same figure types occur in the pink eucalyptus as well.

Eucalyptus is a very strong wood for its density, however the wood is quite brittle and is low in shock resistance. Eucalyptus is prone to cellular collapse so distortion in drying is quite common as well as surface checking. The wood has a moderate durability rating.

The wood is quite dense but cuts well. The wood is great for wood turning, however is check prone so care must be taken.. The wood will distort as it dries so to rough out oversize, let season, and then finish turn for best results. When kiln dried amazing furniture can be produced. We flitch saw our logs through and through to produce book matched live edge material. This could allow you to build one piece of furniture from one log for a nice homogenous color and figure throughout the piece.



We supply large quantities and ongoing consignments of predominantly round logs to various export and domestic markets around within Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Product specification

·         Moisture:                          Fresh cut
·         Grade:                                  A,B,C
·         Diameter:                         18cm – 24cm–25%
·         Length:                             4 meters plus
·         Straight all over the length
·         Small sound knots accepted 
·         Sound knots on 1 face accepted (15cm maximum per 3 meters)
·         Dead knots deducted
·         No frost ring
·         No black knots
·         No rot
·         No holes
·         No brown color
·         Measurement:                    Small end, small size under bark•
·         Formula:                            Volume (m3) = (D² X L)/10000
 Logs Available :  (Spruce, Birch, Oaks, Beech, Pine, Poplar, Eucalyptus, Ash etc)


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